The Travelling Reptile Show

Touch an alligator, get face to face with a snake, find out how long a tortoise can live and how interesting reptiles can be. Meet Marshmallow the famous Albino Burmese Python!

The Travelling Reptile Show wants to teach others about animal conservation and habitat destruction. Our interactive program helps educate children about these important issues. We teach kids about the exciting world of reptiles with a unique, hands-on approach. We explain why reptiles are such an essential part of our environment and that these incredible animals should not be feared, but protected. Conservation is vital because destruction of natural habitats is the single greatest threat to the survival of not only reptiles, but all animals in this ever changing world. Children will have the opportunity to touch and handle numerous different live reptiles. Snakes, lizards, turtles, alligators, tarantulas and scorpions are all part of our show!

With 8 to 10 different species of lizards, snakes and arachnids we provide a fun filled, freaky and entertaining program.

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